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We Are

/ Our History

ERGODOMIKI VIOTIAS SA was established in 1968.
In 1994 the company converted to SA and since then has been taking on constructional projects.
We mainly undertake the execution of public and private projects independently or participation in a joint venture.
ERGODOMIKI VIOTIAS SA is the owner of a commercial asphalt plant which is located on the 6th km of Thíva - Halkida motorway and trades in all types asphalt mixtures.
We also have available private mechanical equipment which includes all types of equipment for road construction such as excavators, loaders, graders, asphalt pavers, mobile quarry , mobile concrete etc. Furthermore, all types of trucks and cranes.
ERGODOMIKI VIOTIAS SA has the safety and quality of its staff as a first priority.
The company has based its development on, highly trained specialized engineers and professionals.
Its permanent staff consists of experienced engineers of all fields, economists, legal advisors, office staff, foremen and specialized technical staff.

/ Our Board of Directors

  • President Bekris Aggelos
  • Vide-President Katsogiannis Andreas
  • CEO Bekris Spyridon
  • Member Bekris Panagiotis
  • Member Anastasiou Aspasia
  • Member Pasvantidis Petros
  • Member Katseli Evangelia

/ Organization Chart


/ Achivements

Fast Facts For You

Approximately €5.9 million of revenue during fiscal year 2016
We’ve managed more than 500 extraordinary projects
We have over 50 years of experience

/ Financial Data

Operation based on sound economic data

The professional department managers, specialization, professional experience, the investment in resources and in combination with zero bank lending, form a stable economic foundation and certify the sound structure of the company. These are factors which ensure a stable business course and compose pillars for upward development.
Total Projects Budget per Year

2016 5.918.321,17 €

2015 4.380.314,86 €

2014  3.995.479,04 €

2013  5.728.448,24 €

2012  4.903.598,50 €

2011  3.738.031,52 €

2010  7.144.426,16 €

2009  8.886.903,65 €

2008  6.941.872,66 €

2007  6.270.586,27 €

2006  5.802.560,63 €

Amfionos 40, Thiva, 32200
+30 22620 29760,

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